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Each day we gather together all of the current online contests, sweepstakes, raffles and giveaways and post them here in a format that makes it easy for you to find and enter all of the ones that you would like to win.

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Tips for Entering Sweepstakes

Make a separate email account to use for sweepstakes and contests. Here are the top providers of free email that you can access from any desktop, tablet or phone.

Be organized but don't go crazy with organization. To maximize the number of entries that you are able to make, focus more on keeping the process simple than on organizing everything that you have done.

There are so many opportunities to enter sweepstakes everyday that it is easy to have all the details pile up quickly and overwhelm you. Keep things as clean and simple as possible.

I like to keep separate folders in my inbox to receive things like confirmations so they are easy to find if I need them but they are not cluttering up my inbox.

Read the rules before entering. Make sure that you are qualified to win and if anything seems unclear or 'shady' then skip it and move on to the next one.

The most important tip is "HAVE FUN!"

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